Types Of Acrylic Nails: Find Which Shape Is Perfect For Your Hands

by GorgeousGirl Staff, Updated January 4, 2023
Types Of Acrylic Nails: Find Which Shape Is Perfect For Your Hands

There are so many reasons to paint your nails or get nail salon treatments. Be it for a wedding, a special date, a party, or just to feel beautiful on a normal day. The good thing is, there are also so many types and designs to choose from!

The different types of acrylic nails are a revolution in the beauty and fashion world, incorporating more and more complex artworks, ideas, and decorations to level up your nails.
But how do you know which one is perfect for different types of fingernails and hand shapes? Find out in the sections that follow!

1. Different Types Of Artificial Nails

Different Types Of Artificial Nails

Acrylic is only one type of fake nails which also include sculpted nails, gel nails, and wrap nails. Here are brief descriptions of each type:

    Acrylic Nail

    Acrylic artificial nails are made by applying a mixture of a polymer powder and a liquid monomer onto your actual nails, usually covering them completely. However, tips can also be added to extend the length of your nails. The mixture hardens as it dries, which takes around fifteen minutes.

    Tips are done using lightweight plastic plate pieces shaped like nails and gluing these on the tip of your nails. Then, this is covered with the acrylic mixture and shaped.

    An artificial nail can also be molded out of the mixture using a form or mold fitted on the nail. Then, the form is removed, and the nail is shaped and buffed for a shiny finish.

    You can have designs painted with nail polish on the nails or have them printed on the nails themselves. These are the strongest, thickest, and most durable among artificial nails.

    Gel Nails

    Gel nails are similar to nail polish, brushed onto your nails, or on nail extension appliques that add shape and length to your actual nails. The difference is that gel nails need to be cured under ultraviolet or UV light for about two minutes for every coating.

    UV exposure is a bit of a health risk, so think about that before regularly getting gel nails. They are also more pricey than acrylics, but maintain their color and do not chip for longer periods of time. They are also more flexible and natural-looking.

    Wrap Nails

    These are fabric wraps attached with artificial glue on fingernails to strengthen them or allow cracked nails to grow out. Fabric wraps can be made of silk, fiberglass, paper, or linen.

    To apply, a nail technician fits the material to the shape of your nails, stick these in place, then brush on some glue. They are meant to be temporary as the adhesive may loosen within a couple of weeks, or even sooner when you wash your hands too often or do the dishes without gloves. They can be removed or reapplied.

    Sculpted Nails

    Sculpted nails are made by using acrylic or fiberglass gel and applying this on your real nails. Then, these are formed and sculpted to your desired shape and appearance. These need regular “filling in” to maintain their look.

    2. The Different Acrylic Nail Shapes

    Different Acrylic Nail Shapes

    So, there’s only one type of acrylic nails, but it comes in various shapes that many people consider as its “types”. According to SpaRitual founder Shel Pink, different nail shapes make the nails and hands appear different. These shapes include the following:


    Round Acrylic Nails

    • Elongates stubby and short fingers and makes a wide nail bed appear thinner
    • Simple, classic, natural shape
    • Easy to maintain
    • Works best on different types of manicures for short nails
    • Can be used with any shade from nudes to bright, bold, or neon colors


    Square Acrylic Nails

    • Straight on the sides with a blunt top
    • Best for narrower nail beds and short nails
    • Makes the fingers look wider, stockier, and stubby
    • Provides subtle edge and don’t break easily
    • Practical and low maintenance
    • Best worn with solid shiny shades


    Oval Acrylic Nails

    • Best for slimming down and lengthening short, stubby fingers
    • Feminine and classy
    • Similar to almond with more delicate and blunt tips
    • Best worn with nail art


    Squoval Acrylic Nails

    • Universal: works great for everyone but best for manicure minimalists
    • Partly oval and partly square with softly curved edges
    • Not too sharp and not too round, making it fit for all finger and hand shape and size
    • Best worn with cream pastels or geometric nail arts

    Coffin or Ballerina

    Ballerina Acrylic Nails

    • Works best on long, strong nails with very narrow nail beds
    • Extreme shape for acrylics
    • Long and slim with a squared tip resembling ballerina shoes or a coffin
    • Requires meticulous salon maintenance
    • Best worn with simple nail arts and pale neutrals


    Almond Acrylic Nails

    • Makes fingers look longer and more slender
    • Slim shape with a rounded point at the top
    • Modern and slenderizing
    • Not for nail biters
    • Best worn with neutrals or metallics


    Stiletto Acrylic Nails

    • Great for longer nails but short fingers
    • A little impractical and daring
    • Requires special attention and maintenance
    • Wear this with elegant designs and sheer shades of polish


    Lipstick Acrylic Nails

    • Narrow shape with a sloped edge similar to the shape of a lipstick
    • Works best for narrow nail beds and slender fingers
    • Asymmetrical, creative, dramatic, and unique
    • Best worn with prints, mattes, glitter, or even gems


    3. What Are The Best Types Of Acrylic Nails For Different Hand Shapes?

    Acrylic Nails For Different Hand Shapes

    Different types of acrylic nails are therefore suited for different hand and finger shapes and sizes. Here are a summary and list of which best fits which.

    1) Wide But Long Fingers And Hands

    • For long and wide fingers, you can get a fairly long nail shape such as the almond or the oval. These shapes create an illusion of slimmer fingers.

    2) Slender And Long Fingers

    • Most nail shapes work for long, slender fingers and hands but probably the best shapes are the squoval and the square.
    • Square nails give an elegant but edgy look, making your hands look a bit wider.
    • Squoval nails are very similar to square ones with more defined, finer, smoother oval edges.

    3) Short And Wide Fingers

    • Stubby and short fingers are most complimented by oval, almond, stiletto, or round-shaped nails to create an illusion of longer, more slender nails. Shel Pink also recommends oval nails for small hands and fingers.
    • This finger and hand type can give off a masculine appearance, so feminine shapes help tone this down.

    4) Slim And Short Fingers

    • Small hands can also come with short, slim fingers. Any nail shape can work for this type, but the almond, squoval, or oval shapes work best.
    • Almond or oval nails make the nails look longer, while a squoval shape creates an illusion of both longer and wider hands and fingers.
    • Great for turning “little girl hands” to feminine “lady hands”.

    The different types of acrylic nails come in different shapes fitted for various colors, designs, nail shapes and lengths, finger shapes, and hand types. The tips mentioned can hopefully help you identify the best possible nail shape for you!

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