Toe Nail Designs: Because Happiness Is Freshly Painted Toe Nails

by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Updated July 19, 2021
Toe Nail Designs: Because Happiness Is Freshly Painted Toe Nails

When we think of our feet and toe nails, we imagine something dirty or unpleasant. However, since we cannot always hide our toes inside closed shoes, it only makes sense to pay special attention to getting your feet and toes pampered at least once in a while.

The best way to do this? Nail art, of course! If there are thousands of available designs for the fingernails on your hands, there are also amazing toe nail designs to choose from.

In this article, you will learn how to do nine amazing nail designs for your toes that you can try! Thanks to the smart, creative minds and the internet as a platform to share these concepts, you can now master the art and technique of beautifying your toes!

  • 9 Amazing Toe Nail Art Designs

From simple, classic toenail art designs to cute, eccentric, metallic, and colorful takes on them, here are nine toe nail designs you will surely love!

1. Classic Nude Toe Nails

classic nude shades
If you are one of the women and men who would rather keep things minimalistic and simple, this toe nail design is perfect for you! It is also one of the easiest toe nail art designs for beginners. Just paint your toe nails with a nude base polish coating and add a clear top coat for a smooth, shiny finish. You can also add some tiny rhinestone or gemstone stickers to adorn your big toe for a touch of bling, or you can completely leave this out. This style is great to show off at weddings and formal events. Nudes are also very versatile. You can pair this color with any other color or style of open-toed shoes, flip-flops, or sandals.

2. Pink And Blue Studded Toe Nail Art 2017

applying pink and blue nail paint
Feeling artsy? Try this chic and cute toe nail design. The first step in this toe nail art designs step by step is to draw a diagonal line on each toe nail to separate them into two sections. Paint the top part with a light pink melon color and the bottom section blue. Add a black accent and dots on the pink side and add silver beads or white gem stickers on the blue side. Using a paler pink or white polish, you can also more dots or other pedicure designs. Once everything has dried, finish with a clear top coat to seal the design.

3. Pink And White Floral Toe Nail Designs

pink and white floral toe design
Personally, I love flowers on everything, including my nails. This next design is absolutely stunning, cute, girly, and cheerful without going over the top. To create this, apply a base coat of your choice pink shade. Then, on your big toes, do the five dot flower pattern technique where you draw five dots around another dot in the middle. This will make the design of a flower. Make as many flowers as you like. You can even draw on all your toe nails. Then, apply a clear top coat to finish.

4. Blue And Silver Stars Easy Toe Nails

summer star nail design
One of the easiest things to draw are stars, which makes adding star patterns very appealing to me, such as in making this toe nail design. To do this, paint one nail on each foot with a blue glitter polish and the remaining nails with a silver glitter nail polish. Then, draw some stars or apply star-shaped stickers before applying the top coat. This look is perfect for a fourth of July celebration, a night of partying, or for whenever you feel like you need a little sparkle in your life.

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5. French Tipped Glamour Toe Nail Designs

glamour toe nail designs
In this toe nail art, several modern twists are added another classic and stylish pedicure idea: the French tip. Instead of using a clear base, use a nude or light pink shade before adding white tips. Then, add an accent of gold and white on each big toe for a fun, chic, sophisticated appeal. This style is also great for formal events and weddings.

6. Tribal Patterned Toe Nails

 patterned toe nails
Like in old movies and photographs, a combination of black and white has a special classic appeal to it. For this nail art, you can use decals or sticker to add a tribal pattern to your toe nails, or you can also paint chevrons, lines, triangles, diamonds, and such using black, white, and gray nail polish. If you plan to wear this to a night out, swap white with silver.

7. Modern Polka Dots

polka dots toe nail design
Another one of the most popular adorable toe nail art and toe nail designs is the Polka Dot. In this modern take on this classic, an aqua color and metallic bronze and gold nail polish were used. This gives it a bright and fun look that also looks classy. Add some straight lines, vertical lines or acrylic nails and different shape, sizes of dots for balance and a nice bit of contrast.

8. Floral Summer Pedicure

 floral summer pedicure
Summer is the perfect time to show off your feet and toe nails. In this nail art ideas, you can use a myriad of light colors of nail polish trends such as baby pink, pastel blue, sea green, aquamarine, and periwinkle. For this summer toenail idea, use these colors to draw flowers on a nice background and add some solids and gold glitter accents to your smaller nails. The colors and the touch of glitter really make the design pop and blend with the bright colors of summer.

9. Square Golden Beaded Toenails

golden beaded toenails
Last but not the least is this very eccentric yet probably the most interesting and striking of all these toe nail designs. It resembles precious gems with its light turquoise and pink colors coupled with pearly glitter toe nails as well as golden square studs and nail tapes as borders. The glitters give the nails an appearance similar to polished marble while the design as a whole has a classic yet trendy vibe.

Hopefully, you have been inspired by these toe nail designs and ideas to be more creative in painting your toe nails as well. If you’re just beginning to appreciate toe nail art, trying these examples can really help you improve your skills and taste. This and with proper toe nail care, you can show off your pretty toe nails!

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