Alternatives To Heels: Flats Like These Can Ruin Your Heels Obsession!

Written by Janella Domingo Diaz, Modified October 16, 2018
Alternatives To Heels

Are you fond of wearing heels? Can’t you just get enough of the different style of heels that you can find today? Don’t you just love how heels give you that instant boost of confidence? Do you love how it makes you feel slimmer, taller and more beautiful?

Yes, wearing heels can do a lot of amazing things on our self-esteem. But did you know that wearing heels can lead to various unwanted health problems? That’s right! Because of this, many women are now trying to find trendy alternatives to heels. And the good news about it? They never run out of options!

If you wish to finally give your feet a break and provide it with its much-needed pampering, then should start looking for alternatives to heels too! Lucky for you, we have a few recommendations below!


1. Flats Vs Heels


This has been a common dilemma for most women all over the world-should I wear heels or flats? Well, let us break down the pros and cons of these two to find out the answer!




Should I Wear Heels Or Flats


  • Advantages

    There is no denying the fact that heels do complete the perfect outfit! These shoes can also elongate the legs and make women look taller and slimmer.

  • Disadvantages

    Many of you are already well aware of this-the biggest disadvantage of wearing heels is the discomfort that comes with it. Aside from comfort, most doctors warn about the possible unwanted health effects of extended wearing of heels. These include damaged toe nails, knee and hip pain, muscle spasms and pains and bunions. Lastly, it can also increase your risk of osteoarthritis.




Alternative Shoes


  • Advantages

    The most obvious advantage of wearing flats is that they are much more comfortable than heels. But more than that, flats also offer a wide array of health benefits. First off, it provides the feet a more stable and balanced platform. Also, they do not put much strain on the feet the way heels do. And last but not the least, flats will not give you injury the way heels will! It won’t give you the health problems that heels can give you.

  • Disadvantages

    But of course, flats won’t also give you a stylish look that heels can give you (But it does have a style of its own!). Another issue would be the blistering of the feet, but this can also be easily solved with the use of shoe cushions and the likes.

    Now, it’s a lot clearer-the best alternative to heels is no other than flats. But of course, you are free to wear heels anytime you want, but it would also be best if you will learn how to substitute heels with flats so you can maintain the health and safety of your feet.



2. The Trendiest Flats You Can Find Today!


Trendy Flats


But how do you do that? How can you find the trendy flats that can be substituted for high heels? Don’t worry! We have you covered! Here are some of the trendiest flat types in the shoe industry today and a few tips on when you could use them as an alternative for heels:


  • Lace Up Flats


    Alternative Heels To Prom


    Today, everyone is going crazy with these lace up flats and so should you! The lace up design makes this one of the trendiest, most eye catching and edgiest flats style on the market today. And because it gives off the gladiator feel, this style can be perfect alternative heels to prom. This style can go perfectly well with a one-shoulder dress.


  • Animal Printed Flats


    Animal Printed Flats


    Are you feeling a bit wild today? Then go out in the wilderness wearing the wildest type of flat you can find-an animal printed one! If you think that flats aren’t made for partying, this design will surely make you think twice! This design makes this flats style the perfect heel alternative for partying or clubbing. Just stick to wearing plain and neutral colored clothes so you can maintain the elegance of this footwear.


  • Ballet Flats


    Ballet Flats


    One of the most popular flat styles is no other than ballet flats! This is because it is the most versatile piece of flats in the market today. It is the flats alternative to the classic black pump and will go with whatever clothes you have on. The shoes also come in various materials—lace, beaded, leather and many more. Plus, they also have the cutest eye and attention catching styles that you will surely love. There is no denying it—the ballet flats add a classic and timeless statement to any outfit.


  • Pointed Flats


    Alternative To Heels For Work


    Do you always wear heels to work but you wish to finally give your feet a break? Well, we have the perfect alternative to heels for work, and it is no other than the pointed flats! Because of the shape of its toe box, this footwear can also help create the idea of a longer and slimmer pair of legs. This is the best alternative to the classic black pumps. Just make sure to go for something with a glossy finish so it can be truly office-worthy!


  • Slides




    It’s true that these look a bit more like a slipper but with the various styles and colors available today, this footwear has become extremely trendy and uber chic. This can be your go-to footwear when doing errands or having a brunch with your ladies. And if you can find ones with rhinestones, beads or pearls, they can become the best first-date footwear too! For sure, your date will give your feet a double take!

    We sure hope that this article has been useful for you. We cannot deny the fact that heels are probably the most stylish type of shoes that you can find today but it can also be the most uncomfortable. The key here is to find balance. Wear heels from time to time and wear flats most of the time. Just use the information that we have provided above on how you can find flat alternatives to heels for different occasions!

“Hope you find the post helpful and we excited to hear what you think of it!”

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