NYFW: The Genius of Marcel Ostertag Lies in the Unexpected

Written by Gorgeousgirl Staff, Modified October 15, 2018
NYFW- The Genius of Marcel Ostertag Lies in the Unexpected

Adhering to his belief that quality needs control, Marcel Ostertag has delivered a deliberately uncanny mix of casual elements combined with unexpected fabrics and textures on day 8 of New York Fashion Week. Utilizing a very nontraditional color palette of pink, coral, orange, and blush dominated by delicious shades of olive green, we are presented with a very modernized interpretation of familiar silhouettes.

But one does not want to fall into the trap of believing that familiar means commonplace or boring because the new Marcel Ostertag collection shouts boldly, “You may think you know who I am, but don’t be fooled.” The traditional silhouettes are intensified with billowy ruffles and uniquely structured bows crafted from luxurious satins and shimmery metallics paired with practical knits of the most vibrant hues and plush fibers.

Color blocking as well as pattern blocking is a prevalent theme throughout the collection, pairing together unpredictable compositions such as animal prints with sequins, sheer Swiss dotted fabrics with heavy knits, and the hard edge created by glittering stripes with the serenity of a soft faux fur coat. In the midst of this divergent relationship of elements, the minimalist woman can also find all the brilliant glory of monochromatic dressing. She will stand as a pillar of power among her equally persuasive peers.

By some stroke of genius, Ostertag has taken incongruent components drawn from military inspiration and then added to them elements of the mysterious, the practical, the feminine, and the urban and created a cohesive collection that feels very, very right in all of its disparate and contrasting unions. As the models march down the runway, one gets the feeling that Ostertag has not only designed a fabulous new collection suitable for every woman who wants her strength to be known, but also that he has created a modernly feminist military who is about to lead you straight into an urban safari. Armed in this new collection, it is extraordinarily apparent that these women are fierce, fearless, and unstoppable.

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